Program Management

Program Management

StraitSys has significant expertise in the management and delivery of complex information technology programs. We help our customers shape and deliver programs that support their mission objectives and drive value to the organization. Our Program Management capability consists of:

  • Communications Management – We ensure that stakeholders communicate successfully and determine which communication artifacts are exchanged during the project.

  • Cost Management – We plan and control the budget of a project, including estimating, budgeting, financing, funding, managing, and controlling costs so that it can be completed within the approved budget.

  • Human Resource Management – We identify, document, and assign project roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships.

  • Integration Management – We coordinate all aspects of a project, ensure all processes run smoothly, and milestones and deliverables are achieved.

  • Project Management – We plan, organize and drive the on-time, on-budget delivery information technology in support of organizations’ missions using various methodologies including Agile/Scrum, Spiral, Waterfall/Traditional and others.

  • Quality Management – We ensure activities necessary to design, plan, and implement a project are effective and efficient.

  • Risk Management – We identify, analyze, and respond to risk factors during a project’s lifecycle.

  • Scope Management – We ensure a project’s scope is defined and mapped accurately and allows project managers and supervisors to allocate resources appropriately.

  • Stakeholder Management – We identify, analyze, plan, and implement actions designed to engage with stakeholders, individuals or groups with an interest in the project who may be involved in the work or affected by the outcomes.

  • Strategy – We understand our customers’ mission objectives and work with them to build IT strategies that align with those objectives and maximize value to the organization.