Rising Above the Rest

Unique. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “unique” as “being without a like or equal” or “distinctively characteristic.” When StraitSys entered the national security and technology services arena in 2007, their executive team and founders devised a vision, defined a purpose and core focus, and established core values. But, they had additional goals; having been in the technology services world for several years, they didn’t want to simply follow in the footsteps of some of the other companies out there. The StraitSys team envisioned some “uniques”: qualities that distinguish StraitSys from the rest of the pack and align with their values and goals.

  • We fill needs, not seats. Organizations contract with companies such as StraitSys to deliver their data and technology missions. This means placing Straitsys team members with an organization to work exclusively within that organization on a regular basis. At StraitSys, the commitment is to fill the needs of that client organization and not merely the seats. What might this look like? StraitSys analyzes the client’s mission and strives to provide mission-oriented, highly skilled, and high-integrity resources that meet or exceed the stated client requirement. StraitSys offers flexibility to accommodate the client and what it may require. It’s all about the client’s needs.
  • You get a company, not individuals. StraitSys offers its clients the full support of the company’s expertise. It may be that one StraitSys team member is housed within the client organization. But, that StraitSys team member has the full force of StraitSys supporting him or her. There is an ongoing and open yet appropriate and confidential communications channel and dialogue between the in-house team member and the relevant StraitSys team members. Our clients get the individual’s and the full team’s support and collective expertise.
  • We finish the thought. StraitSys sees its team members as technology engineers, not as mere order-takers. What exactly does that mean? According to StraitSys President Tim Strait, “When we are hired by an organization for a project, we challenge our StraitSys team to think beyond the specific task at hand. We challenge them to think through the full life cycle of the task as it relates to the project.” The client organization may approach StraitSys to fill a certain need but StraitSys does not want to take a Band-aid approach to the problem; the idea to is look beyond the immediate need to provide a full, long-term solution.

Offering flexibility to insure that client needs are met. Providing the full extent and force of StraitSys’ expertise. Thinking above and beyond the immediate project or problem at hand. StraitSys offers all of this and more. These make StraitSys stand out above the rest of the pack. These make StraitSys unique.