What Primes are saying about Straitsys...

Sotera has relied heavily on the knowledge and expertise Straitsys brings to the table. Their dedication to our client's and Sotera's mission is unparalleled. Straitsys personnel truly understand and appreciate the complexities of working in challenging conditions knowing we must do everything possible to get the job done. Their expert knowledge in Program Management, Systems Integration, Network and Systems Administration has truly helped us achieve our very aggressive mission objectives on the Investigative Data Warehouse (IDW) program. I have on numerous occasions relied upon and received expert advice and opinions from Straitsys personnel to ensure we are on task, on budget, and ensuring we are delivering quality mission capabilities. In subcontracting, companies all too often take a staff augmentation approach while attempting to maximize profits. Straitsys has taken a decidedly different approach by first attempting to determine the needs of the program, determining if they can be of assistance, and then doing all they can to provide the right resources to ensure our mission success. This consistent approach has led to an overall increase of Straitsys personnel on the IDW program by 200%. This increase is a reflection of the quality personnel and expertise that Straitsys is capable of bringing to the table.

As we developed the IDW team, Straitsys provided leadership training and expertise to the IDW team which has been an invaluable asset to our program and has helped foster new leaders throughout our organization. Honest, reliable, consistent – not words I choose lightly to describe a sub – yet Straitsys has demonstrated these qualities time and again, a testament to their effective leadership and management style.

As a prime, it is my job to meet our customers' needs and objectives efficiently and effectively. The IDW program is a critical national security asset constantly dealing with challenges not experienced by typical government contracts. Having partnerships with companies such as Straitsys, whose dedication and belief in our customer's mission, coupled with the significant domain knowledge they have in the national security space, has been essential to our continued success. Straitsys is a key partner, dedicated to our client and dedicated to Sotera in support of our continued National Security Mission.

Jason Roberts, Director

“Straitsys brought a wealth of IT experience and a creative management approach to every challenge they faced. Currently serving in critical roles on a high dollar, large mission-related data warehouse system servicing both the intelligence and law enforcement communities, Straitsys provided the first comprehensive view into the system’s operation in years which has translated into a shift of focus from systems maintenance to mission-focused capability delivery. I’d work with Straitsys anywhere!”

Senior Principle Consultant, Large Federal Contractor

“Straitsys was brought into a critical program at a very low point and was integral in its restoration. The expertise that Straitsys brought to the program allowed for new processes to be implemented quickly and effectively, which resulted in renewed confidence in the program throughout the organization. I highly recommend Straitsys.”

Technical Program Manager, Department of Defense

“Straitsys came into a complex project situation that was unfocused, behind schedule, over budget and up against a critical deadline. In very short order, they established a go forward strategy that properly and tactfully set expectations, prioritization and focus. The project was completed successfully at a significantly lower total cost due to Straitsys. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for technology leadership.”,

CFO, Technology Company

“Our Straitsys program manager was a visionary with the rare combination of creativity, deep industry know-how and global business insight. He was one of the best leaders I've had the pleasure to work with. He was hands on with the team at all levels making sure each member felt empowered in their duties. He was trustworthy, hard driving and would be an asset to any organization.”

CTO, Software Product Company

“Our Straitsys program manager was a sound decision maker, capable and able to make the tough decisions through asking pointed questions and getting to the root of the issue. He led by example, and showed tremendous stability in pressure situations. Definitely a thought leader and a natural leader you'd want on any team.”

Director, Wireless Technology Company

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